Home Automation solutions give you control over your house.

Protect your home wherever you are.

State-of-the-art protection at your side.

Martin Systems extensive security portfolio encompasses every facet of home protection. With over 40 years of experience, you can rely on Martin Systems to integrate with new and/or existing, compatible home systems for complete and convenient security.  You can count on us to be your trusted home security camera installer.

Meeting the needs of today’s modern family can be challenging. However, Martin Systems has mastered this challenge by applying a disciplined process that we’ve developed and refined over the years. This process allows us to offer on target solutions that are intuitive and perfectly in sync with busy routines, while providing great service to our customers efficiently and effectively.

Our customized, scalable solutions include wired or wireless function, remote system control and solutions that integrate seamlessly with climate control, lighting and more.  We provide home security in Wisconsin – Central and Eastern

Home surveillance keeps an eye on what’s important.

Keep an eye on what is happening in and around your home whether you're there or away.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your family and property are protected. Martin Systems will strategically place wireless cameras inside and outside of your home. These video cameras can be viewed inside your house or remotely on your smartphone or tablet.

View Security Surveillance Video from …


  • Dedicated TV (With Compatible TV)
  • Dedicated Monitor
  • Computer


  • Web-Enabled Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

Choosing the correct security camera can be confusing and complex; rest assured that Martin Systems can alleviate this process for you.


Intrusion Detection

The concept of an intrusion alarm is to prevent a potential burglary at your house, and to an extent, it also works as a threat. If your house is equipped with an alarm system, then your house is less likely to be targeted. A burglar does not want any attention; they just want to break-in, with as little hassle as possible, take whatever they want and then go on to the next house. If the burglar triggers an alarm system, it could ruin their entire day since loud noise is their main nemesis.

House Alarms

Our burglar alarms are professionally designed and installed to suit your lifestyle. Multiple codes for family and friends let you control who can enter your home and control your home security system. If you have pets and want to give them freedom to certain areas, this can be built into the design of the home alarm system. Technology allows us to install hybrid alarms where we can hard wire the alarm or install it using wireless equipment, or a combination of both.

Internal Intrusion Alarm

The intrusion alarm will provide a very loud audible warning inside the home.

Door & Window Contact

These sensors are used when detecting the opening of a window or door is required. A magnetic sensor comes in two parts – a magnet and a contact.

There are two basic types:


Designed to be unobtrusively sunk into a wooden door or window frame.


Intended for use where sinking the sensor would be inappropriate.
(Example – metal and composite doors and windows.)

Motion Detection

Passive Infra-Red sensors detect movement of heat, by looking at the room in Infra-red. The detector lens splits the room into 10+ areas; any movement of heat between these areas will cause activation.

Window Shock Sensors

Detects shocks or vibrations, and is used to detect an attempted break in by forced entry.

Glass Break Sensors

Detects the breaking of window or door glass.

Driveway Sensors

Driveway sensors have separate transmitter and receiver units, and movement is detected by something crossing the beam created between the units.

Panic & Duress Buttons

Deliberately operated by a push button and reset via a key, this device is used to activate the alarm at any time, whether the control unit is switched on or off.

Alarm Monitoring

Martin Systems knows how critical a fast and reliable response is when your business is at risk.  This is the reason we offer 24 Hour security system monitoring services that our customers can depend on.
  • UL-Listed central monitoring station exceeds redundancy requirements
  • Five Diamond certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA)
  • Every dispatcher is certified for emergency response and customer service
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Alarm Monitoring
Interested in Alarm Monitoring?  Contact us today.

Fire Protection

Quick Response When it Matters Most

Fire spreads very quickly and a rapid response is key to preserving life and property. We can install smoke and heat detection with a wireless link to the intrusion alarm system and when coupled with our 24 hour monitoring service, an automatic response from the Fire Department is assured, giving extra peace of mind.

Virtual Caretaker

Professionally trained officers to respond day and night to an activated alarm at your property.

Martin Systems can take on the responsibility of watching over your house, ensuring that if your alarm system activates at any time, a professional Key Response Officer will investigate for you.

Vacation Checks…The right decision made, every time.

If you travel frequently, go on vacation or have multiple residences to protect, it can be difficult to manage and monitor your properties.

Should your home’s alarm system activate, a professional will investigate, assess the situation and take the necessary action to secure the building, such as notifying the authorities, determining whether a locksmith is needed or calling an HVAC or plumbing company to service your home upon failure.

Virtual Caretaker is currently available to customers in Brown County.

Interested in learning more about Virtual Caretaker?  Contact us here.