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Excellent ✪✪✪✪✪


We have always been pleased with Martin.

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It was great. Installers were on time and professional.

Excellent ✪✪✪✪✪


I did a lot of shopping around and studying of different brands and styles of security systems. My primary considerations were to be able to travel, not worry about the furnace breaking down, frozen pipes, or flooding and the sump pump not working (never been an issue, but I am close to the lake). Two well known security companies home pages showed addresses in my town, which, when I went to speak with someone in person, did not exist at either address. (There goes trust) As to products: I felt some of the window sensors offered by other companies were pretty flimsy. I am not a Do it Yourselfer, and very much like brick and mortar, as well as dealing directly with goods/service providers.
Martin salesmen, were knowledgeable, patient, answered my questions. AND, now that the install is done, are STILL available if I have any issues. Thinking about this experience, so far, I feel part of a team. Very reassuring.INSTALL The installers were wonderful; shoes off, neat and tidy, no marks, no dust. Polite, patient, very nice human beings. The products are sturdy, discreet, not on the windows(easy to wash, and the house doesn't look like a fortress) They were scrupulous in explaining the system to me. USE:The reason I gave a lower review as to comfort using the product is my learning curve. I am getting more comfortable. It was a bit intimidating to me. RESPONSE; I have called the response team twice, the responder corrected and explained what had happened. Again, dealing with people who are professional, calm, and calming. COST: This was personally a Big Ticket item. It is worth it. Martin is great for older individuals who want to remain independent, like me. It can be tailored to personal needs(I didn't want a camera...I did want the virtual caretaker, furnace and sump pump)CONTRACT; Some people would be put off by the contract(3yrs), but this is a team which includes you. I think familiarity built over time is good, establishes trust and develops knowledge of how your home security works. The salesmen explained that the contract offsets the cost of the products. I highly recommend Martin Services. W. S.

Excellent ✪✪✪✪✪


I was a current customer. I just changed my system to run off of ...I think it is cellular towers.

[Removed Name] did a great job at my home; very professional and knowledgeable.

I was wondering if I could get information on what the different codes mean when they come up on my keypad and how to "fix" them or requires technical assistance.