Home Automation solutions give you control over your house.

Home Automation lets you live in the digital now.

Martin Systems will help you take the guess work out of operating your home electronics with a customized home automation control system.

Touch Screen Control

Our control systems integrate security, intelligent lighting, and climate, surround sound theaters, multi-room audio, HD video servers and electric blinds or curtains. This may sound intricate and complex, but Martin Systems will provide you with the finest, simplified control via customized touch-screen remote controls. We aim to dispose of the unseemly clutter of light-switches, thermostats and keypads from your walls, and replace them with single, elegant user interfaces.


Tasks automated to accommodate your lifestyle… Lights triggered by movement… Blinds descending with the summer sun… Music volume automatically adjusts when the telephone rings or the door bell is activated. Your intrusion alarm can also send a text message to your mobile phone if triggered.

Systems Integration

Our systems allow you to monitor and control all aspects of your Smart Home via your home computer or your smartphone, tablet, and even a non-smart cell phone. Just call your Smart Home from your cell phone and enter a code to change the climate, ensuring it is always the perfect temperature on your return.

We offer products from a variety of manufacturers including Control4 and HAI (Leviton), and we are experts at systems integration.  We offer Home Automation installation services with our certified home automation installers.


Video Surveillance keeps an eye on what’s important.

Keep an eye on what is happening in and around your home whether you're there or away.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your family and property are protected. Martin Systems will strategically place wireless cameras inside and outside of your home. These video cameras can be viewed inside your house or remotely on your smartphone or tablet.

Whole-Home Audio/Video

All Around Great Sound...Bring Your Rooms Alive

Access your music and videos from any room in your home, at any time, with Multi-Room AV systems by Martin Systems Home Automation.
  • No more searching through CD or DVD cases to find the music you want to hear or the film you want to watch. Create the perfect mood by playing your favorite playlist throughout the entire house for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Classical music in the Living Room, Cooking videos in the kitchen, and Cartoons in the kid's room - all at the same time.
  • Use your touch screen tablet, smartphone or remote control to play music from multiple sources, including your MP3 player, external hard drive or computer.
  • Access millions of songs in any or all rooms, at any time, with your preferred music service.
Martin Systems Home Automation offers multi-room music and video products that make it easy to listen to your entire music collection or watch your entire video library from anywhere in your home.

Multi-Zone Music Dock for iPod

Seamlessly integrate your iPod/Smartphone/Tablet into the music system. Navigate, control, and distribute your iPod contents anywhere in your home, with the ability to play all media files on your iPod/Smartphone/Tablet, including music and videos.

Multi-Zone, Multi-Source Systems

Experience the power of cable, satellite, radio, web services and more in the modern home. You can stream multiple sources of video and audio simultaneously throughout your home.  Connect to the projector in the home theater, the LCD TV in the kitchen, and the amplifier in the home office – all from a single source.

Whole Home or Individual Rooms?

Digitally stream your music throughout the home easily and affordably. You can have the same music in all rooms, or play different music in each room.

  • Multi-channel digital amplifier, 50 watts per channel
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet versions

At Martin Systems Home Automation, we find out what the customer wants, then develop for multiple solutions with a variety of costs. We also take into account the technical requirements for the best quality multi-room sound and video. Each room is different, with different furnishings and surface textures. All of this must be considered when delivering the best sound and viewing experience possible.

We have a history of successfully installing multi-room sound and video systems in various types of homes. From properties with a requirement to keep all the technology out of sight, to modern homes with visual appeal and advanced user interfaces.

Contact Martin Systems Home Automation, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Home Theater

Have a Night Out at Home

Just imagine what it would be like to walk into your own Home Cinema, pick up the controller, select a film from the controller screen and press SELECT....The window curtains close, the screen curtains draw back, the lights dim and the projector comes to life, showing you the Intro while the sound system plays leads you into the film.

This is the life.

The Martin Systems Home Automation provides a complete home theater design and installation service for the ultimate home cinema experience. We can build this anywhere, whether in a living room, a dedicated room, new attic space or basement.  The home cinema design will take all of this into consideration.

Home Theater Projector and Screen

The Projector and its Screen have to be able to produce an image which provides the required immersion effect for the audience. The image has to be a certain quality and big enough so that the film content becomes the most important thing in the room. Not all projectors are suitable for watching films, some are designed for presentations and do not have the speed of response required for a home cinema projector.

Media Sources

The media player can be a DVD or Blu-ray player or a media server with home video or ripped media.  You can also watch TV/Movies from Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu and other internet services.

Captivating Surround Sound

The surround sound amplifier and speakers have to reproduce the sound precisely and make the most of the digital audio.  First-rate amplifiers provide a microphone for the setup of the amplifier at first use, so that unnecessary echoes and dead spots are cancelled out. Last but not least, speakers must also blend in with the decor and be visually appealing.

Complete Home Theater Control

The Home Theater controller provides a simple means of controlling the home theater equipment without having to use 3 or 6 remotes. This can be achieved by using a single remote control or with a touch screen.

Home Automation

The home automation system can provide information about what is happening outside the cinema room to those inside the cinema room, which provides useful security information, enhancing the safety of the audience.

Climate Control

A home automation system with climate control can intelligently monitor weather forecasts, home occupancy and make climate changes remotely.

An array of user controls are available that allow the home users to indicate their current preferences for heating and cooling.  Controls can even be set remotely, allowing you to change the temperature if you are not planning on returning that day, or turn it up while on your way home.

Lighting Control

Imagine Living the Perfect Scene!

Whether you are looking for single room lighting solution for a Kitchen/Family Room with 10 controlled lights or a whole house solution with a couple hundred controlled lamps - Martin Systems is the company to get it done right.

Automated Lighting Systems allow you to:

  • Be greeted by feature lighting as you pull up to your front door.
  • Enhance the appearance of your room by highlighting its architecture and features.
  • Create the desired ambiance according to your changing requirements (e.g.  softness or warmth, quietness or even excitement).
  • Provide intelligent night lighting from a low level in your children's bedrooms to subtly lit paths to bathrooms or down the stairwell.
  • Automatically light a route in response to a switch or sensing movement.