“Free for All” – Access Control Turnstiles

We have found that many of our industrial and manufacturing customers come to us with the same problem of controlling unwanted access to their facility.  What can you do about managing your people and facilities better?

That question is being asked over and over again as we become increasingly more aware of safety and security concerns.  A Free For All facility can be dangerous and concerning for your staff.  We often recommend that our customers should install cost effective turnstiles as a way of protecting themselves from many of the unwanted issues that might be looming at their doorstep.

Access control and identity management are fundamental to a good security posture.  Providing your employees, staff, visitors, vendors, and customers a safe working environment is important in today’s business climate. 

Here is what John M. from KS Kolbenschmidt has to say about Martin Systems “Martin Systems installed our building access control system, including turnstiles.  We completed ahead of schedule. Good job Martin Systems!”

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