7 Unknown Perks of Home Automation

Some perks of home automation may surprise you. We all know that with the swipe of your finger you can lock the doors and turn off the lights. But maybe you already are good about locking your doors, or you think turning the lights off from your phone is unnecessary.

Here are 7 unknown perks of home automation.

1.) Save money

With a flick of your finger you can ensure all the lights are turn off when you’re not home. You can make sure your iron is turned off. You check if you turned the stove off. Even if you’ve already left, you can still make sure everything is turned off instead of wondering. This saves you money on your energy bill.

2.) Added Security

Again, we know that home automation makes your home safe because you can lock your doors when you’re not home. However, A burglar could still break in with the doors locked. Don’t worry, your security system will alert the local police right away. With home automation, you can make sure to turn on the lights outside or a front light or two to further deter theft.

3.) Save Money on Home Insurance

Yep. If you have home automation, there’s a good chance you can get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance!

4.) You’re Being Green

When you have home automation, you ensure you are only using energy when you need it. You’re saving energy!

5.) Added Alarm Safety

When your fire or carbon monoxide alarm goes off, you can set your home automation to trigger lights to ensure you get up FAST.

6.) Flood or Freezing Security

If you’re in an area that experiences a lot of rain, or if your home is prone to flooding, you can program flood sensors into your home automation. Then you know exactly when flooding starts and you can prevent further damage.

7.) Resale Value

Adding home automation increases the value of your home. You’re improving your resale value just by creating a safer, smarter, more secure home!

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